Posted on Feb 4, 2021

IVAN JIMENEZ | Local Internet Marketing Services

New Post: The 4 Critical Elements Of An Effective Content Marketing Strategy (for ranking on Google Maps) - Sure, CONTENT IS KING 👑 … but only when it’s done right.
If you’re providing a product or service people need, chances are, you have competition and in today’s highly saturated local markets, business owners and marketers alike are finding it more and more difficult to rank on Google for local searches and get people to engage with their content.

The good news is that you’re not alone.

The bad news... is that you’re not alone!

The BEST NEWS 🙌 is that you can easily rank on Google Maps, make your content pop, and cut right past any competitors with an effective content marketing strategy — and I’m going to tell you the 4 simple things you can do right now to start ranking on Google and seeing 👀 the results your business needs.
1. Quality
Really, if you just made QUALITY the key ingredient in everything you do, your competition wouldn’t stand a chance against you.

The quality of your products and services is critical, of course, but most businesses don’t put that same level of quality or work into developing their Google My Business page, website content, blog content, social content, etc.

Being “that company” that does… is a serious GAME-CHANGER.

Instead of making the same mistakes as everyone else and pushing quantity over quality, be different and perhaps minimize the quantity so you can deliver quality cont
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