Posted on Feb 4, 2021

IVAN JIMENEZ | Local Internet Marketing Services

New Post: 5 Signs YOU DON’T NEED SEO - For anyone running a business, it feels like you never stop having new and important marketing strategies, practices, and tactics you need to be doing.

One one hand, you know you can't throw money at every decent-sounding strategy that comes your way... but you're also very aware that if you miss the next big thing, you're giving up a HUGE advantage to every competitor waiting to take your customers.

For many, search engine optimization (SEO) falls into this category... and here are 5 reasons why .

SEO is costly and you never really know where your money is going
Getting a web page to rank high for valuable keywords is one of those things that's part art, science, and intuition.

Even though search engine optimizers have a rough plan of what they're going to do, they work in a sort of touch-and-go manner (that's the art / intuition part) so it's difficult to tell someone exactly what the specific plan is.

Add to that, it's easy to take someone's plan and do it yourself or hire someone in-house to do it (another reason SEO consultants and agencies don't share too much about specific tactics).

Ranking on the top of Google for a keyword that people use to buy the things you sell can literally make you an overnight success... so that puts SEO people and SEO companies with these "superpowers" in high demand and at times, excessively expensive.

This isn't to say that there isn't a ton of work that goes into good SEO...
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