Posted on Feb 4, 2021

IVAN JIMENEZ | Local Internet Marketing Services

New Post: $ Why Is Ranking On Google (SEO) So Expensive??? - The cost of small business SEO services varies greatly because every small / local business has a different starting point and therefore its monthly scope-of-work to improve rankings will be different.

That said, it's hard for generic SEO pricing to take all these nuances into account.

As a result, there's a lot of companies paying $5,000 a month that could be paying less and others paying $500 a month that should be paying much more to get quality leads and generate real sales.

Either way, most fixed SEO pricing fees will work against you (unless you truly understand how it works) because what you really need is someone to do their homework, understand what you need, and then quote pricing that fits your needs exactly.

Now if you want to know how fixed SEO pricing works at your local internet marketing company, here goes:
1. Your digital marketing company will analyze your site and hypothesize on what's needed to rank your site on page 1 of Google for the keywords you've given them (ideally they've done their own research and found additional keywords you didn't know of as well)
2. The internet marketing service will determine the hard costs of the work and resources needed (i.e., hours, outside party costs, etc.)
3. The internet marketing service company figures in their markup
4. Based on your budget (or the fixed monthly SEO fee), the internet marketing service divides the total cost to SEO your
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